No sound but the wind

Holiday's in!
Time to do all the things you never had time for. For me that means surfing on the internet and read a lot of books in the sun.
I found a website with lots of professional photographers, one of them was Peter Funch. He has a project in making pictures of ordinary situations on street, but you can see his own story. He manipulates photos in a way he wants.
'Suspecting Suspects' 'Informing Informers' 'Observers observing' There is also someone called David Steward. He makes humoristic photos of life and relationships in his latest serie Thrice Removed.

I like the colors of both photographers. David Stewards style does me think of Tim Walker. Another great great GREAT photographer. I've one big book full of photos. You just want to grap each picture and hang it on the wall. He also make pictures in a way I get itchy fingers. Someday (maybe in my dreams) I'll become such an inspiration-full human being.