So Here We Are


how ya doin'?
I'm a while back now from Lowlands, it was very VERYYY nice! We did have some goood weather after all! Aaaand Melissa joined us! I just want to go back.. to the nice atmosphere and the great people over there. They should make an island or something with those people and music, then we could go there whenever we feel like it :D I'm in!
Here some photo's I found on the internet, later I'll show you some of mine!

Selah Sue, belgium artist, I totally love her!

I Blame Coco, daughter of Sting. I like her rough style and voice. At Lowlands she had some throat problems but I liked it.

Foals, damn they're great!

There were some artists on the street, this was incredible.. and yes the fishes were real!

Now the weather is turned back bad again, no more Holidays for me, but work work work and on September the 6th I'll get back to school again. It's a pityy. Well now I'll finish this blog, later I'll make my blogs longer haha!