Waiting for my time to come

Here am I again,
I wanted to entertain you, but you have to wait!
I just haven't got any interesting photos to show, it's just.. the weather o.m.g. Frustrating! You can say it's not an excuse, but it is! My mood can't handle it, it's everything BUT inspiration-full.
I do take pictures with my Zenit-E camera!

I bought her a long time ago, apart from the films, which is kind of important to make photos. So now I'm busy making some (hopefully) great shots. Can't wait to see them for real! We're just so lazy these days with those digital camera's. While analog photos sometimes are even better... when you are able to use your camera of course!
Now i'll continu with my driving license theory. Yes, this girl's becoming 18. I am not THAT excited to drive, but I'm looking foward to start the engine for real, instead of this imaginary-look. Photo by Evelien Hasman.