This Book Will Change Your Life

Hey you,

For my birthday I got the book "This Book Will Change Your Life". It counts 365 pages, as in days in a year. Last versions of this book called this dairy will change your life. That meant you had to start with the 1st of January. Now, I was able to start at the day after my birthday. Yeah, totally ready to change my life. At the beginning of these days I thought hmmm how will this change my life. Like eating something that scares you, as in frog's legs, horse or oysters. But later I had to fill in a list of 'things you will never do before you die'. It's good to declare to yourself, okay I will never walk to the North Pole or become a world chess champion. It was a list with hundreds of those things, see below. Quiet interesting don't you think. I also know now that Mars is 78,000,000 km away from the earth. You don't hear that every day. No, you just have to go to Day 11 and you'll find some galaxy facts.

Can't wait what my next excercise will be.