Day off

Rotterdaaaam. My sister and I did some browsing trough the city. First we went to the Dutch photo museum. Nan Goldin and two other photographers were exhibiting their work. One of those two was Duane Michals. He has different series of pictures who tell you a story. And they're so goood.They were arranged in one line next to each other. It was kind of like reading a story when you walked along the walls.
Nan Goldin was a lot of naked and sex - I would never be interested in someones sex life, Nan Goldin will tell you allll about it in her series-, but they're good though. The first of the four exhibitions was my favorite. A lot of colors and different people. Most of them where man dressed as women, veryy outrageous!
Later we went as fast as we can finding a new Winter coat for my sister. She was still wearing her Summer jacket... It was snowing that morning, for real! Not snow-fights-fit, but the fact that there was something white coming from above was really shocking in November. Especially for my sister.. she was freezing. At the end of the day she found a jacket! And I almost bought one amazing big fur coat.. My money was not that sufficient.
I also ate my first bagel and I'm sure, it won't be my last, maaan it was good.