Mode Marché

Another edition of Mode Marché in Rotterdam. Melissa and me where in. Many designers offer their pieces for less. That makes it even better to feel the fabrics and try the best on. I ended up with a small bag intended for my toothbrush and stuff. Vlieger en van Dam made it. Last year I saw their work too, but they hadn't these toiletry bags yet. Later I bought these Levi's shorts which is custom made by Flying A. And last but not least a beautiful black vintage see-through-blouse. 

Before the event started we went for lunch with sister K. And later on we wanted to go visit some shops but due to 'Pinksteren' not one shop was open. So we bought some cookies and ice-cream. And at the end we ate some popcorn at the cinema while enjoying the movie, not a bad decision after all.