The Polaroid Book

Some other stuff now. Oh and by the way, this morning I was getting some breakfast when I saw my head (oke, with a dress) on the front page of our local newspaper. They didn't told us they were photographing last night at the fashionshow. So it was like a big surprise seeing myself over there.
But nevermind. I did some research into my 'Polaroid book' wich I bought ones at the Urban Outfitters. And I found an photographer called Elliot Erwitt. He has al sorts of photos and I think he's really cool. He does portraits but also snap shots and two of his categories are childeren and hands. I really do like collections of photos with the same subject or themes. I have a washing machine collection, but that are like three photos, so I have a looong way to go.
Here some photos by mister Erwitt. The first one is a portrait of Marilyn Monroe.