Cry Baby

Yeah, another succesful fashion show. This time we walked on Roisin Murphy's Cry Baby, awesome! Apart from the cameramen who just walked 3 inches in front of you. Or the presenter who stood in right in front of me while I had to pass her with my big ass covered with an huge petticoat dress. I just threw myself on the catwalk.
We were more excited then the audience I think, the whole evening program was about football and then we showed up. Woohoo! We'll at least we had a nice evening together and Melissa made an awesome new green, white and striped collection. Not spoken about her apperiences at our lokal newspaper and radiostation. Oh yeah! She'll make it one day, for now I'm proud of what she's done already. Here's some snap shots with my new lovely lens, he's so cute and small compared with my other ones.

Those last ones were parts of 'my' diamond dress!
Enjoy, for orders (or reservations) you can go to Melissa's blog.

Lots of luvv,