So Soak It Up

There am I again. Survived my first driving lessons, barely though.. Big respect for my instructor!
For my 18th birthday I got a new lens for my camera, I'm really really excited about it! Here's a photo taken with my new lens. It's a shirt which my friends gave me, they're on it, I love it! Soon I'll make some shirts with photoprints of my own.

Tonight there will be a new fashionshow by Melissa. She'll show a new collection based on the new football kits of the local football team. Something she never thought it would be a succes, but she made it! And for me the honor to wear 'the diamond dress' again. I showed the dress before when she ended up at the second place for another fashionshow. I already reserved this dress for my wedding day haha. Later I'll show you pictures of this night!

I'll catch ya latur!