October the fourth


It's animal daaay. Actually it's ridiculous, but never mind. I'll give my fishes their moment of fame. I present you my orange big fish 'Ruud van Vistelrooij', he's named after a famous soccer player in the Netherlands. My sister bought him for me, or actually I have to say her... She didn't ask the pet shop whether it was a boy or a girl. Then she became pregnant of one of my other 3 fishes... They all died in very short time. And at one day I looked in my fishbowl, discovering that 8 little fishes were born. OMFG, i thought.. I don't want that much! But later that day, they were all gone! A friend once told me the parents are eating their little ones, now I was staring at the result. Well okay I thought ,that happened, no worries anymore. I was wrong. Two weeks later there were again 9 little fishes, I was shocked. She was on her own for two whole weeks, she can't be pregnant again. And after one night I only had one of them left. He survived :D Hurray! The first week he had swam for his life, I'm proud of him. And I've named him Mr. Motley, after a Dutch magazine. Well here are my, not that photogenic, fishes.

Enjoy your day!