On board

Hee ho hello!

It's September, you noticed? That means my birthday is coming -yeahh!- and that means I have to start taking driving lessons -oehhh-. I'm still nervous as hell because I don't know ANYthing about cars but okay, any accidents will be announced later -fingers crossed-. Oh yeah and getting 18 means, gifts, lots of kisses and party hardy.
And September means a new school year, I'm not very excited because I can't wait 'till my next year starts. Then I'm able to go do something wich includes my education. Something I really like. But here in my 'region' I feel kinda inappropriate haha, so I'm looking foward.
In the mean time i'll go watering some plants -my neighbour was on holiday and his plants needed some day care-
I'm also doing some lazy-ass-online-shopping. Bought an awesome blouse at ASOS, totally loooved it, it lookes like the birds from the Miu Miu collection.

Or listing to One Night Only. I prefer to listen and not watch this video, I hate the band but this song is very catchy haha.

Now you know what moves me.